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"Thank you for being such a great teacher to Lucia. She told me that you’re the best piano teacher and that she feels happy when it’s Sunday because it’s piano day." 
- Parveen, Mutter von Lucia ( 5 Jahre alt )

"My children (one now 12 grade and one having graduated in 2022) took piano lessons with Gala Gurinovich via the Zug campus music program from just starting to play in ISZL primary school until ABRSM level 6 (cut short by COVID lockdowns). She was great with them as young kids, keeping them motivated and interested to keep practising and progressing in their piano. As they transitioned into middle school she prepared them VERY WELL for the ABRSM exams (merit and distinction each year), and most importantly, they leave school with Gala's love for piano and music overall. I cannot recommend Gala enough."

- Norman Villamin


"We are grateful for developing both Nicolay and Fredrik's understanding of piano in an impressive way.
A massive thank YOU, Gala."
- Bodil Oestboe, Mutter von 2 brüdern

"You taught David a lot over the past years, challenged him when it was needed and cheered him on. Thank you so much!"
- Daniela Fankhauser

"Thank you so much for all of your hard work with me! I could’ve never done it without you!"
- Anna Kuzneshova



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